Female Vietnamese Speakers - SAG project

Looking for SAG actors that could be part of a potential loop group happening on 12/2. We are primarily looking for women but male options are welcome too.

Union: yes
Anon Job Post?:
Active On: November 28, 2022
Expires On: December 2, 2022
Job ID: 12417

Russian Gangster (in Russian) - Male Only

Playing a Russian Gangster in Video Game; Looking for deeper voice, and it is IN Russian (not Russian/English accent); threatening/tough sounding

Union: no
Anon Job Post?: yes
Active On: November 10, 2022
Expires On: November 14, 2022
Job ID: 12318

Looping job for West Indies accented 10 year old girl - must be in union

Hi all!
Looking for a 10 year old sounding voice for a show called Saint X. Job works 11/11 9am.

Union: yes
Anon Job Post?: no
Active On:
Expires On:
Job ID: 12291

Native Castilian voices

Hello talents:
I am looking for Castilian Spanish voices, paying $300/PFH – with 2 finished hours minimum per voice.
They must be native speakers. My client goes by ISO rules and all voices are checked to ensure having native accent only.
Must be local to come record at my studio in North Hollywood. Same room tone is required, therefore no remote recording will be accepted.
If you are a talent or if you know anyone you can share the call, I need a dry sample narration style (more like a casual/friendly TV anchor) – with no slate, sent to my email [email protected]
Job should start by the end of November, early December, but they want to get cast defined in about 3 weeks.


Union: no
Anon Job Post?: no
Active On: November 1, 2022