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Hello ADR members and loyal subscribers on facebook! We are proud to be launching ADR Languages on site, giving us more of an opportunity to make bigger connections in the Voice Over world! With this, we ask that anyone (*Artists /Artisans /Agencies/ Casting/ Directors), whoever you are, wherever you live and whatever connection you have had with ADR in the past, would you PLEASE drop a short review for us, so we can feature some (or all), on our site?

We would greatly appreciate this, and it will help ADR engage new users with onboarding over the next while!

You just have to add your comment, and link (whether it be to your website, your profile on facebook, linkedin twitter etc!) You will have an OG Status simply because of this, as we will leave a linkback as long as the property is live! We can use your profile picture from your registration! 

Your Honest Reviews Are Very Appreciated!


Joey Naber

Joey Naber

Owner/Creator Of ADR

ADR Languages Reviews
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